Friday, 12 June 2015

How to install two whatsapp in one android phone

Do you have two numbers but one android handset and have been wondering how to install two whatsapp numbers in one handset? The View Crunch is here to your rescue.

There is an app called OGWhatsapp which has been in the market for long and has proven to be the ultimate saviour. But off late people have been experiencing problems with this app. The latest 2015 update is also giving problems and many users have reported that it is not getting installed on their phone.

So the best option is to go with Whatsmapp, an alternative to OGWhatsapp and is much easier to be installed. Just follow these steps.

1. Install original Whatsapp from the PlayStore to your phone.
2. Register and complete the verification process with one of your numbers.
3. Chat with one of your contacts and take a backup.
4. Uninstall the app. Remember, do NOT deactivate. Just uninstall.
5. Now download the Whatsmapp apk (the link is given below).
6. Install the app.
7. Restore the backup with your the same number.
8. Now install the original Whatsapp from the Playstore again.
9. Complete the verification process with another number.
10. Now you have two whatsapp in the same android phone!

Download Whatsmapp

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