Friday, 12 June 2015

10 Best Free android picture Editing apps on Google Playstore

They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words" which is true indeed. Pictures holds memories that are priceless. Each time we wish to walk down the memory lane, we always sit down and look at the old pictures that end up bringing a smile on our face. Hence, we always want our pictures to look crisp, vivid and beautiful. Cameras don't always guarantee perfect pictures because in today's times we mostly click pictures using our phone's camera. So post processing or editing becomes mandatory in order to achieve perfect images.

The view crunch brings to you a compilation of the 10 best free android picture editing apps on the Google Playstore. Please note that this is not given in the any order and are randomly listed. Check the apps below:

1. Snapseed: 

It is one of the best free editing apps available on the PlayStore. It offers various options for you to choose from that can transform the pictures beyond belief. The one-tap options that drastically change the pictures are:

Snapseed also has options through which you can make changes in saturations and add effects as per your desired levels.

2. FotoRus: Another popular free picture editing app that brings enormous changes to a dull photograph is FotoRus.

This app is extremely easy to use with customised options best suited for beginners or even the pro. Its customised editing options range from Scene, Filter, Text, Edit, Sticker (which is quite a fun feature), Mosaic

Adjust, Light, Lightpen (which is a very unique feature), Stretch, Border, Draw and Tag.

3. InstaBeauty: In this selfie-freak world, we need apps that can make us look flawless and enhance our beauty. Instabeauty is one such free editing app that is dedicated to solely selfie editing.

Its many filters that remove all pimples, dullness, under-eye bags, dark circles in just one tap! Yes you read that right.

Being very popular among girls this app is your dream come true app.

4. VSCO Cam: If you take photography seriously, have a photography blog or are a photographer and need a professional app on your phone for some serious editing and DSLR-like effects, this free photo editing app is best suited for you.

Easy to use for both beginners and professionals, you are sure to become popular on your social networking websites with your pro-looking photographs.

The best part is that this app not only provides some amazing editing options but also an inbuilt camera.

So you can not only edit pictures on VSCO but click some amazing pictures too.

For avid instagrammers, one The View Crunch special tip: go for hashtags like VSCO VSCOCam to get many likes instantly on your VSCO edited pictures. Yes, this app is famous to a completely different level!

5. Photo Grid: This is a very popular free app primarily used for making collages out of many photographs but the best part is that it also provides many filters to make your pictures gorgeous.

Now the bonus here is that this app lets you resize your pictures to make it suitable to be uploaded on Instagram! So not only can you make collages, you can edit them with the awesome filters, add some of the most funny stickers and templates, write captions and text, resize them to instagram size and upload!

In a nutshell, you just need to click the picture and Photogrid will take care of the rest.

6. BeautyPlus: Another wonderful free photo editing app for selfie-addicted people is BeautyPlus.

Just Insta-Beauty it has amazing one-tap filters that will change your selfies in an unbelievable way.

After seeing the results, The View Crunch gives it a little more points than InstaBeauty. Rest is for you to decide!

7. Autodesk Pixlr: This is also a great android editing app that lets you do many things to make your photographs much more pretty.

Its background blurring feature is quite popular. It also lets you make collages and insert texts on your pictures.

8. Photo Studio: With all the basic filters and editing options, the best part about this free picture editing app, Photo Studio is that it lets you shape your photos in exciting, amazing ways.

The options to shape your photos the way you want is unbelievable!

9. Photo Editor by Aviary: This one is a well-known free photograph editing app on PlayStore with more than 50 million downloads.

With a rating of 4.4 on the PlayStore, Photo Editor by Aviary emerges out to be a great app. The effects are amazing and the stickers are cute.

10. Retrica: One of the very famous in-app camera and editing feature app is Retrica.

You may have noticed many people uploading their pictures clicked through this app as each photograph contains their name written at the bottom of the picture. This app lets you click pictures with filters pre selected even before you click the pictures!

So you don't need any editing after the photograph is clicked as the pictures are taken using one of the filters given to pre-select from the numerous options!

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