Wednesday, 17 June 2015

10 Skin care tips for the monsoon season

Since the monsoon season has arrived in India, it is now even more important for you to take care of your skin. With the onset of this rainy season problems such as acne, rashes and allergies are quite common. The View Crunch puts together 10 tips to keep your skin healthy this monsoon season.

  1. Drink ample amount of water to keep your skin hydrated for a fresh and glowing look. Consuming good amount of water flushes out toxins from your body making your skin appear brighter and also younger.
  2. Use natural home made masks. Avoiding chemical based skin care products is the best thing you can do for your skin in the rainy season. Make a home made face mask of papaya pulp, honey and curd and apply it on your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off completely. This will rejuvenate your skin. If you haven't got time to make this face mask at home, you can opt for Jovees' Papaya and Honey Face scrub . It will surely turn out to be the best face scrub you'd have ever used.
  3. Use a good herbal cleanser and toner. Remove your makeup with a herbal cleanser. Before you are about to sleep, wash your face with a herbal face wash and last of all wipe your face with a good herbal toner. Using natural and herbal products before you are off to sleep ensures a glowing skin next morning. Oriflame's Aloe Vera Toner would be a superb choice, for instance.
  4. Wash your feet everyday thoroughly as dampness causes bacterial infections and other allergies. Hence it is very important to keep your feet clean during monsoons. Once a week, soak your feet in apple cider for smooth, soft and infection-free feet. Use a good moisturizer to make them even more soft.
  5. If at all you catch an infection, apply home made yogurt on that area. Its natural quality of fighting all sorts of bacterial infection will be highly beneficial for you.
  6. Go for lukewarm baths instead of a hot water bath. Hot water dries up skin and makes it flaky and cracked.
  7. One common myth every person falls for is that you don't need a sunscreen on a cloudy day. This is not true. Ultra violet rays of the sun penetrate from the clouds thus damaging your skin. Hence you need to apply sunscreen lotion 15 minutes before setting out from your home. Always remember to keep a 15 minute- gap between applying the sunscreen and stepping out of the house. It takes a little time for the sunscreen lotion to go skin deep and come into effect.
  8. Wash you face several times a day to keep away skin infections, acne and rashes.
  9. Don't opt for skin treatments and avoid bleaching and application such chemical based products as your skin is prone to problems and infections during monsoons.
  10. Last of all, eat healthy, avoid excess intake of oily food and junk food. Drink fresh home made citrus based fruit juices like lime juice and orange juice. They flush out toxins from the body and prevent any possible infections. Also avoid eating out, especially the road side food. Eating healthy will bring glow on your skin and avoiding oily food will prevent your skin from developing acne and pimples.

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